Answer these 4 questions to create an Attractive Character that will elevate your marketing strategy

Answer these 4 questions to create an Attractive Character that will elevate your marketing strategy

You’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into developing your marketing strategy. You’ve built a list of prospects, you’ve painstakingly crafted email after email. You launched and you watched… And you waited... And you waited some more… But nothing. This should be working! You followed every step in the book! This should be increasing sales!

Instead, crickets.

Your audience just isn’t into it.

There are a lot of possible reasons for this. One of them is that your marketing persona – not who you’re selling to, but who’s doing the selling – isn’t likeable, relatable or memorable.

Enter: the Attractive Character.

Nope, this does not mean you need to change your email profile pic to Emily Ratajkowsy or Timothée Chalamet. Your Attractive Character doesn’t need the perfect face; they just need to be interesting enough for people to aspire to and real enough for that aspiration to not feel unattainable.

Russell Brunson unpacks this idea extensively. If you haven’t heard of him, your marketing strategy is likely suffering because of it. And if you want to start paying attention, here’s a good place to begin!

Because the secret to a marketing strategy that works, the secret to an audience that hangs onto your every word, is an Attractive Character.

But if Emily and Timothée aren’t Attractive Characters, who is?

You are! Or, you can be.

The Attractive Character has little to do with looks and everything to do with being relatable. It’s the character you showcase to attract people. If your first instinct here is “But I’m not in the business of being relatable, I’m in the business of [insert what you do here]”, you need to rethink your business.

Hate to break it to you: your marketing strategy will fail if it isn’t successfully making your audience relate to you and your business.

It’s all about digging deep to figure out what about your experience and how you formulate it will strike a chord with your audience.

If you’re a human being, you can create an Attractive Character. Get started now by answering the four questions below!

Question 1: Where did you come from?

Think about your backstory. How did you end up here? Was it easy? Were there hurdles?

As much as being someone your audience aspires to be is an excellent sales tool, they need to know how you got here, or you’ll seem untouchable. Share the struggles and the lows and contrast them with where you’ve ended up.

The key here is to have a story that relates to your product somehow. If yours doesn’t, find someone (a customer) whose story does. Think this Mercedes Benz advert.

Once you understand that your audience is much more likely to buy what you’re selling if it's being sold by someone they aspire to but can relate to, you’re well on your way to successfully selling online.

Question 2: How can you make your experience into a story?

Brunson champions the use of parables. These are easy-to-remember stories that illustrate a point. Think of an allegory – or perhaps an Aesop Fable like the tortoise and the hare.

“Most people let life pass them by, and they don’t stop to take note of the interesting things that happen to them. But you’re different. You have the ability to use the things that happen throughout your life to teach and inspire others – as well as sell products.”

Russel Brunson

Comb through the teaching experiences that have helped shape you into the businessperson you’ve become. Were there any ‘A ha!’ moments you can share? Any teachers, friends or mentors that just made something click for you?

Be the kind of person that takes note of these moments and share them with your audience. This is a crucial step in making your Attractive Character meaningful and memorable.

Question 3: What are your flaws?

Be honest with yourself and identify your character flaws.

Most business owners are under the impression that they need to be putting up facades and hiding their flaws from their audience.

We get the impulse. You’re trying to get people to give you money – it doesn’t seem like the place to share your imperfections.

But think about this: how many perfect people do you genuinely like?

Not many, we’d bet. We tend to gravitate towards people who show us their flaws, people who are real, people who are genuine about where they fall short sometimes. The truth is, no-one cares about the perfect person. They alienate, instead of attract, the people we want to reach.

Question 4: Are you terrified of offending people?

You don’t want to be polarising and offend potential customers.

As a business owner, that makes total sense. Say and share the right things, don’t step on any toes, don’t give potential customers any reason to not buy from you.

Except, no-one likes bland and neutral.

“When an Attractive Character tries to win the votes of everyone, they end up reaching no-one.”

Russel Brunson

Think of the most memorable Attractive Characters you follow, watch and buy from. Chances are, they have opinions. Chances are, they stick to their guns. Take sides on important issues – have an opinion. Share what you care about.

Your audience will love you for it.

Is your Attractive Character taking shape yet?

Brunson places quite a bit of emphasis on creating an Attractive Character, so definitely give him a read. The next steps in the Attractive Character building process are figuring out your Attractive Character’s identity and storyline. But for now, these simple questions are your foundation.

Answer them and action them, and you’re well on your way to attracting the right kind of people!

You want the people who will stick around because they like you; an audience that will become a customer base.