The 2 Fellas Story

Hello! We’re 2 Fellas Media. We’re what happens when production genius meets marketing savvy.
2 Fellas Media was founded by – you guessed it – two fellas. This is the story of how they met.

The year was 2017.

One fella, William Mulders, had been working as an editor and videographer for years. The other fella, Sagy Shein, from the start-up space in Berlin, was in South Africa to promote his app, Gusto.

One fateful day in March, Sagy hired William to do some work for him as a freelance videographer. William impressed Sagy with his professionalism and production quality; Sagy impressed William with his ability to sell anything to anyone and manage complex projects.
But then, disaster struck. Or did it?
Sagy’s app didn’t totally failed. Faced with a major decision, he could go back to Berlin. That would mean he’d have to start all over again from scratch. But a voice in his head whispered “Stay!” And he listened.

So he asked William to grab a beer with him. Although they hadn’t known each other for long, Sagy had already made up his mind: he and William would start a business together. Sagy would be the master of marketing and Will would be the creative videographer at the top of his game.

Did William say yes immediately? Nope.

But the 2 Fellas Media idea was planted. Once William warmed up to the idea (about two weeks later), the rest is history.

Sagy had a logo jokingly designed on Fiverr (best 6$ Sagy ever spent), and business cards printed. They were already known to make a mean team at this stage, so it was no surprise that brands like Bukhara Group and the Sugar Hotel partnered with them soon after. Their first employees followed, they got some flat peak caps made, and the rock-solid culture that 2 Fellas is known for started to develop.
Their first tiny office in Woodstock became a melting pot of creativity. It was from that matchbox office that they landed their first international client, and then another, and another.
From that office, the team flew around the world to New York, Paris, London, Milan, Germany, Israel and beyond – shooting at Fashion Week, the private ateliers of big creative names, exclusive high-end fashion events, big corporate warehouses – and making a name for themselves as 2 Fellas with unbeatable drive and unmatched creativity.

Then Covid-19 hit.

Travelling stopped abruptly. The hustle and bustle of the tiny office was silenced. Zoom meetings replaced team meetings. But astoundingly, instead of having to scale down, 2 Fellas Media locked down and improved – quietly, but fiercely. New clients poured in. And, as soon as restrictions started to lift, the team flocked back – this time to a bigger office, with their own in-house studio to let their creative freak flags fly!

Since then, this tight-knit, high-performance team has crafted viral marketing campaigns, award-nominated video productions, copywriting read by tens of thousands, and a million other small wins.

But it all started with a beer and a little convincing. And every now and then the 2 Fellas will still grab a beer on a weekday afternoon, catch each other’s eye, and smile. They’re a testament to the magic that can happen when one fella takes a chance on another fella – fuelled by creativity, big dreams, and the insatiable drive to make big things happen.

And as you’re reading this, we’re probably coming up with the next big thing. Keep your eyes peeled for that unbeatable 2 Fellas Media magic!