Expert Secrets Series:
Digital Media
What makes the Two Fellas Media Team so brilliant is that not only are we excellent at what we do, we are all passionate about developing our individual skills and team skills. Each individual team member has a specialised area of expertise, but that doesn't mean we're ever boxed into one job. We are always expanding our skillset, our mindset and we are up for (almost) anything!

That being said, each team member excels within their niche. We believe that shared knowledge is power, and because of this, the Expert Secrets Series was born. Here, our team members share their top tips to level up your game within their niche. From social media marketing to copywriting, from graphic design to videography, and from winning at a Two Fellas Media internship to running a successful team - we'll cover everything.

So get out your favorite pen and some paper, and get ready to learn from the best of the best!
Our Digital Media Diva, Kirst, is here to take you through her top digital media tips:
1. Minimalism, subtlety, and simplicity are your friends when it comes to design.
Generally, websites you look at and think are really well designed actually have very little going on. They tend to speak for themselves and are not overcomplicated. Overcomplicating a website makes it difficult for the user to understand what they are doing on the website. You don't want them to get lost on your website so stick to simplicity. In an art gallery, there is a lot of white space around the most significant pieces of art. Stick to this idea and rather keep the main event easy to reach and clear.
2. Stay genuine in your search for SEO points
Don't say things for the sake of the search result. A lot of websites use keywords and SEO optimization that aren't relevant to their brand and Google picks up on this. The more genuine you are to the content and keywords that are relevant to your brand, the more Google will reward you. Google rewards authenticity and is smarter than you realise, so make sure your connections to SEO and keywords are authentic.
3. Think of an overused keyword as an overcrowded party…
You're not going to easily find your friends (/your
ideal customers) in amongst hundreds and hundreds of strangers. Never use a hashtag or keyword that is oversaturated as it is very likely your brand won't rank against the bigger brands. If hundreds of brands are using the keyword "luxurious fashion", and you are going against Gucci and Lous Vuitton, chances are that they are going to get hits for that keyword as they have a much higher authenticity score and authority on Google. Look for smaller, genuine keywords that aren't as saturated - this way your brand will stand out more.
4. Nothing is set in stone, be open to change and be ready for it.
Even if you love your design and the client adores it, you need to be open to the fact that you may need to change it, whether it be a change in imagery, language or a complete remodeling of the page. It comes down to the fact that you can't be emotionally attached to the work you do. Be passionate, but know that nothing is set in stone. Everything is fluid and can be changed, so be open to changes and be willing to make them.
5. Always get another opinion, fresh eyes are often just what you need to see what could be done better.

Oftentimes when it comes to website design and general website optimization you can get very stuck in what you are doing. Especially if you find the task daunting, you could even end up flopping completely - because you can't see it for the way it should be and its flaws. Emotional investment into your work is also a possibility - and happens when you become too connected to it, failing to see the most obvious flaws. You could also come from a different perspective, and be conceptualising how things would work together perfectly in your mind, but may not have effectively communicated this to someone who is seeing the work for the first time. Getting someone who isn't on the project to have a look and see if they can grasp it is the best way to move forward. Other people see things from a new perspective and can often have suggestions that you may not have thought of!
Want to know more about social media to videography, and running a successful team? Keep an eye out for the next edition of our Expert Secrets Series!