Plan. Create. Inspire.
We take your vision, refine it with you, add in some magic,
and bring it to life.

Cape Town,

Our passion for exploration, coupled with an adventurous spirit, are at the core of our philosophy. We offer a variety of exclusive productions in destinations that are yet to to discovered by tourists.

In Cape Town, there's a bit of everything - from deserts to forests, mountains to seaside luxury. Our cities, when they dress their best are mistaken for New York or London. Name any weather that you need, we have it all - from snow to blowing wind, seaside luxury, to a tropical paradise, oftentimes in the same day.

Cape Town has a slice of each part of the world.
"Creating a photograph is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."
Two Fellas media & Migal Vanas


Cape Town commercial photographer, Migal Vanas has over 15 years of shooting experience across a broad range of photographic disciplines and artistic genres.

With a background in aeronautical engineering and computer sciences, his eye for detail and technical confidence are unparalleled. Specialising in portraiture, commercial, and lifestyle photography, Migal has vast experience
across many genres, including architecture and fashion.
Having explored and shot in over 60 countries, his portfolio inspires any possibility.
"A million words cannot express what a single glance can convey."
Two fellas media


Cape Town-based videographer, William Mulders, brings over 12 years of experience to the table. Having edited over 150 documentaries, William has carved out a name for himself on the South African scene with his flair for effortless, creative, top-notch cinematic styles. He matches
up an artistic need for expression with an innate understanding of how best to convey
a targeted message - a highly sought out combination.
His professional yet confidently relaxed nature ensures that each person who finds themself in front of his lense is put at total ease. Having shot with some of the biggest personalities in the local scene, he showcases exactly what is needed - always going that extra mile, with
a positive and light-hearted nature.
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