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Please note: whenever we ask about "you", we mean your company/brand. We do think you (the person) are interesting, but we'll get to know you (the person) later.

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What is your core offer? Explain the process or describe the product.
What does your brand offer that your competitors dont? (i.e. your unique value proposition, selling points, etc.)
Share any success stories or stats about your offering that tend to prompt a "wow" response (You can go ahead and really brag here! Think: Awards it's won, money it's helped people make, changes it's helped companies make, lives that have changed, etc.)
What are your core values?
Why was the company started?
What is the vision for the brand going forward?
Which problems are you hoping to solve for consumers with your products/services?
Visual Branding
Do you have a brand CI?
If yes, upload your CI here
Do you have a logo?
Upload your logo here
Who are your main competitors on a global scale?
Which of your competitors has the biggest market share? Please share links to their website(s).
Which of your competitors have the best marketing and branding, in your opinion? Please share links to their website(s).
Where do they live?
What type of job do they do?
Which platforms/websites do they spend time online on?
What are their professional goals?
How old are they?
What problem(s) do they come to you (or your competitors) to solve?
Lets say your ideal client lands on your current website. A minute later, they leave without taking an action. Why do you think they would have left?
How you speak
Do you need help with writing the content for the website?
How you speak
As a brand, would you say your overall tone of voice is currently more conversational or more formal?
How you speak
Do you prefer to use UK or US English? (Note: South African best practice is to use UK English)
Are there any words/terms that the business prefers not to use? List them below.
What is the main goal of the new website (e.g., lead generation, sales, brand awareness, booking appointments)?
Are there any secondary objectives of the website?
Website Objectives
What 3rd party apps/APIs should be integrated into the website? (Google maps, payment gateway, dynamic forms, Docusign, Zappier)
Do you plan to manage the website internally after launch, or would you like to discuss ongoing support services?
Budget and Investment
Have you allocated a budget for this project? Can you provide a range?
What is the #1 thing you want people to do when they visit your site?
What is the #1 feeling/emotion that youd want people to come away with after visiting your site?
Lets say Im a potential customer. I need what youre selling, but Im not sure your product is right for me. How would you convince me?
How do you plan to measure the success of your new website? (e.g. conversions, bounce rate, opt-in rate etc.)
Lastly, can you kindly let us know why you have chosen to Interact with us for your project?